CrAzY Working Mom - revised

We did it again! The bog of our fabulous friend Tisha over at CrAzY Working Mom got pimped again.

After we´ve pimped her blog (including header design customization) with a template of the Jazz Festival Collection - the Jazz Festival Party Celebration³ template and expanded her template to a fluid style

we´ve hacked into her site (with admission) and now she has a new header. ;)

We included some very cute family pictures of our pregnant friend Tisha (YAY! Congrats again!!!), Tyler, Shelby and Peanut 3.0 into the header graphic and the blog description went down to the bottom. We also added the cute little flower of the header graphic to the post titles.

Tisha said:

[...] Sanni from Pimp Your Blog is AMAZING people!!! If you need any tweaking done to your blog, or want to completely change your look, she is your girl! She has done nothing but great things for me. So, what do you think of my new header?!?! Don't you just love it? I do.

THANK YOU, Ms Pimp for all of your hard work!!!!!

Thank YOU, Tisha! It´s always so much fun to come up with something for you. We´re proud to have you in our Pimp Your Blog Community!

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