Your pimp is so so exited... like a toddler on Christmas Eve.
It feels like Christmas in JUNE - you may ask yourself what this is all about?!

From now on I´m your pimp - officially:

The Pimp Your Blog Shop is OPEN!

Your pimp has prepared lots of fantasti-licious xml-blog templates in many different styles.

You can choose by category:

Pimp Your Blog³ - The cubed-section is about 3 column layouts
Pimp Your Blog² - You´ll stumple upon many 2 column expandable templates
Pimp Your Blog NAV - These layouts are your pimp´s favorites - with a navigation bar.
Pimp Your Head(er) - Have a look at our delirious delicious Header Collections.
All That Glitter - All about "corporate i-pimp-ity". The Blog-Set are overstuffed with matching text buttons and dividers for your new layout.

You can also browse per theme:

The Fresh Breeze Collection is all about feeling good and feeling fresh. A little bolder, a little brighter and a whole lot fun!!! It will provide you with a fresh breeze in your new layout.
Inspiration to this collection were beautiful places all over the world.

The Spring Decor Collection will bring freshness to your layout. Forget Spring Cleaning... It's time to redecorate!!!

The Illumination Level is all about feeling good and feeling bright!
It is the line that will allow you to brighten up your blog and reflect the natural light of your life!

I promised some specials for the grand opening - so here we go:

1.) There is a Grand Opening Fanfare - Sale. You´ll save 10% off each item.
2.) Some featured products, like the

Dotted French Gazebo³
Bloggie Calendar Diarize
Bloggie Calendar Journalize

are our featured pimping products and specials for June 2007. There´s an 18% discount on each product AND you´ll also safe the Grand Opening Fanfare of 10% - that´s a total rebate of 28%!!!

3.) The first ten new customers will recieve an additional 5$ Design Dollar Gift Certificate for their next pimping stop - valid for one year.

And where do we go from here?
Exactly! Enjoy PIMPing YOUR BLOG!

Pimp your blog. Be unique. Be delicious. Be yourself.


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Danielle said... 6/01/2007 07:09:00 PM

Sanni, Girl
Your getting a spotlight. One of the many things on my wishlist is to 1. Get me own url 2. Custom design.

I now know where to go, chica!!

I truly wish you all the success your hard work and dedication deserve.

As always wishing you well and smooches to Louis.

Mig said... 6/05/2007 11:38:00 PM

from Germany huh? Good to know. :)

The Old Fart said... 6/07/2007 04:15:00 AM

WIshing you Peace as well, thankyou for stopping by my blog

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