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Welcome to the world of "Pimp Your Blog", Tammy!

Our friend Tammy has joined the Pimp Your Blog community. We´ve pimped her blog Mom Knows Everything!

There´s a lot going on over at Tammy´s place. She is a WAHM with a teenager and toddler and she run a daycare from her house. Her life is filled with kids and pets, but with the help of her wonderful husband and a lot of coffee she still has her sanity.

YAY for coffee, kids, wonderful hubbies and pets =) - and for the fact Tammy still finds time to blog.

The former layout was based on Blogger´s Thisaway Blue:

We´ve made a very special 3-coulmn layout for Tammy, focusing on the parenting theme. The handmade header includes a family scene (vector illustration) based on Tammy´s preferred colors: light-pink (for the teenie girl) and baby-blue(for the toddler-boy), a favicon has been added as well as a new rss-feed button, a fitting new blog-badge and some other little graphics. We´ve uploaded the template for Tammy and arranged the sidebars. The outcome is the custom layout "Mom Knows Everything- Babycake":

We hope you like it - we love it... and Tammy does, too.

Here´s what she said:


I've been pimped! Not me silly, me blog! The amazing wonderful Sanni created this beautiful blog template for me. That's right, she made it for me and I can't get over how beautiful it is. I am so excited about it that I just want to do a little happy dance. Okay, I actually am doing a little happy dance right now. hehe! Thank you so much Sanni, it is amazing and I love it! You totally ROCK girl!
And so do you, Tammy! *EndZoneDance*

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Tammy said... 2/26/2008 04:45:00 PM

I'm still dancing!!!! I LOVE IT! I still can't believe that it's my blog when I look at's gorgeous!

Misty Dawn said... 2/28/2008 04:37:00 PM

It's absolutely beautiful Sanni! You do fantastic work!

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