Misty´s Musings

Welcome (again) to the world of "Pimp Your Blog", Misty!

We´ve did it again! Our friend Misty has joined the Pimp Your Blog community again. This time we´ve pimped her blog Misty´s Musings!

The blog now wears a custom layout including a header! Don´t worry - the little cutie Maggie Mae is still there.

The former layout was based on Blogger´s Mr Moto:

We decided to come up with a template that supports her tons of beloved widgets and sidebar stuff *grin*: A 3-column layout, including a new header and a "typical Misty" color scheme. The outcome is the custom layout "Misty´s Musings - Purple Rain":

We hope you like it - we love it... especially the story behind the set-up... which will remain a little secret between Misty and Sanni *grin*

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Tammy said... 2/26/2008 04:47:00 PM

Where would me and Misty be without you? Thank you so much Sanni!!! You are so talented, wonderful and nice!

Misty Dawn said... 2/29/2008 12:14:00 AM

The story behind the set-up is something I will NEVER forget - I will fondly remember and cherish that story forever!!! You know I love it - how could I possibly NOT love it... it's three columns... it has an adorable puppy at the top... and it's purple... DUH - it's the bestest thing ever (well, it's tied with Misty's Words *grin*)

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