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Welcome to the world of "Pimp Your Blog", Gill!

The one and only Gill over at Gill´s Jottings has officially joined the Pimp Your Blog community. Gill is a a soon to be forty year old wife and mom to two daughters. She says about herself "she spends most of her time trying to balance work, play (ie reading and the stuff she wants to do) and keeping the ironing done..."

Gill is blogging from Shelly Beach, South Africa. We´ve pimped her blog (including the setup and header design) with a template of the Illumination Level Collection - the De-Light-Ful Happy Flowers² template.This is the outcome:

Gill said:

Hi Sanni

It feels good! LOL

Thanks a million, it really looks wonderful!

Your service has been terrific and I'll definitely be back when I feel like a change again.

Bye for now


Thanks you very much, Gill. It was a pleasure to pimp your blog. The theme fits perfectly - both, you and your blog, are definitely delightful. Welcome back at any time. =)

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