Happy Birthday, Linda!

When Linda joined our Pimp Your Blog Community some weeks ago I told her how much I love her pretty avatar. A bit later I loaded her template up and installed the widgets and gadgets. There was also a ticker to install in the footer-section. More precisely: a birthday ticker. A 60th birthday ticker. I still can´t believe it - but this beautiful lady turns 60 today! Now click on the picture and wish Linda a very very Happy Birthday!

Linda - I´d love to give you the matching CC Sunshade Blogset as a little birthday present. Just click on the picture to see what this one can do for you. Please email me how you want it to be customized (daily MEMEs, etc.). I´ll also set it up for you, if you like. Same procedure as last time =). Happy, happy Birthday! Keep on rocking the Blogosphere!

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